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When the library opened in the fall of 2003, the Colleyville Public Library Foundation sent out a call for funds to finance the opening day collection. 

Each time the Foundation has issued another call supporters have given generously.  Those gifts have enabled our library to finance items and services not included in the money the city provides. 

While the primary goal of the Colleyville Public Library Foundation remained, for many years, to finish the second floor, along the way the foundation fundraisers financed the summer reading program, new interactive learning centers for children, check-out stations for the drive-up window and much more. 

Your generosity has helped transform our library into a vital destination in our community.

Simply download the form below, print it and complete the information.

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Mail to: CPL Foundation - P.O. Box 1014 - Colleyville, TX  76034 or Fax to  817-503-1159

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From the Board of Directors

Dear Residents of Colleyville and Friends of the Colleyville Public Library,

Did you know:

  • Our library celebrated thirteen (13) years of service to our community in November. 
  • Use of the Library has continued to grow each year since its opening and in all of its key performance measurements, the Library has experienced double and triple digit increases. 
  • The Colleyville Public Library Foundation—and you—have donated $567,700 to supplement the funds the city provides to our library. 
  • The Colleyville Public Library Foundation, largely through a very generous donation, supports the Summer Reading Program. 
  • The Foundation has provided funding for the Opening Day Collection, staff work stations, children’s computers, some of the library’s furnishings, CD maintenance equipment and many other items that are outside the city’s budget. 
  • The Foundation has donated a large share of the funds to complete the second floor build-out and reorganization of over $200k.
  • For FY 2016 the Library welcomed 120,202 visitors, presented 589 programs to 19,987 attendees, had 14,618 patrons registered, a collection of 80,452 and total circulation of 222,123.

During difficult economic times, our library is especially essential to our community. Library usage actually increases when times are difficult. We congregate there, take our children, and check out books, DVD’s and CD’s.

Our library cannot function to the degree we would like without private funds. We are once again asking you to donate to the Library Foundation as we join the City of Colleyville in updating our Library to meet the needs of our community Specifically …

  • Update and increase the number of reader seats
  • Revise public access to technology
  • Expand access to popular children’s programs
  • Engage the aging population
  • Transition to a single service point on the first floor
  • Improve access to popular materials

For the price of a few books, you can help support our library. Please join us in continuing to make our dreams for an outstanding public library come true. You may DONATE on-line at right.


The Colleyville Public Library Foundation Board of Directors