The Big Piggy Bank Fill November 1st - December 31st

The Big Piggy Bank Fill
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• Your gift is Tax Deductible.
• The satisfaction of knowing you helped with the 
   Library’s First Floor Reorganization Project.

First Floor Reorganization Project - Ongoing

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The Colleyville Public Library’s 2016 - 2021 Long-Range Plan provides a framework for the delivery of library services and programs to meet the dynamic needs of the community for the next five years. The report makes recommendations to assist the Library in meeting these needs to best serve the residents of Colleyville.

Your contribution will help support the implementation of the Plan’s recommendations, in addition to supporting the mission of the Library -- ”Colleyville residents of all ages will have state-of-the-art library services, accessible “Anytime, Anywhere.”

Thank you for your continued support.